Season 1: Episode 3 - Vivo for Healthier Generations

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In episode 3 of Pause, we sat down with Kris and Cynthia from Vivo, an organization on a mission: to raise healthier generations in Calgary and beyond.

They are a recreation centre, and much more. Vivo’s team works on “upstream” or preventative solutions to improve the health of children, youth, and families in north-Central Calgary. They describe their work as a “living lab” because of how intentionally they bring research and development, or R&D, practices into everything they do. Other changemakers we’ve spoken with have mentioned that they look to Vivo as an example of how curiosity, evidence, and strong community connections can spark innovation and create impact. 

In this episode, ABSI Connect’s Elise Martinoski sits down with Cynthia Watson and Kris Kelly-Frere to learn more about what Vivo’s work looks like, what tensions they face as they seek to do this work well, and what they’ve learned through their changemaking journeys. 


Editing and production by Lisa Pruden. Music by the Fort McMurray youth of the SoundForce Collective.