Naomi Mahaffy

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Born and raised in Edmonton, and now living in Fort McMurray, Naomi has been engaged in local environmental and social initiatives from a young age. After completing her graduate studies at McMaster University and spending a few years in Ontario (where she taught undergraduate courses, managed social media for a UN sanitation campaign, and coordinated volunteers for a local environmental organization), Naomi returned to Alberta in 2014. In her four years at the Calgary-based Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST), Naomi developed education materials and mentored and advised organizations seeking to create effective programs and develop their competencies as trainers. Always excited to bridge disciplines and cultures, Naomi loves facilitating opportunities for organizations and individuals to learn from one another’s work.

Contact Naomi: naomi@absiconnect.ca


Information Designer

Elise Martinoski

Elise is a recent graduate of the Information Design program at Mount Royal University. When she first stumbled upon the Social Innovation minor that MRU has to offer, she thought the pairing between Information Design and Social Innovation couldn’t be more perfect for her. She knew that this dynamo combination would lead her to great things and sure enough, it lead her to ABSI Connect, a truly great thing! She is looking forward to stepping out of the University student mindset and into this world of social innovation in the workforce. She’s always had this inner conscience guiding her to do good things and is excited to be able to give back to the community through her position with ABSI and strengthening the social innovation network in Alberta. She’s also eager to hear and learn about the social innovation ventures happening in Alberta, so feel free to get in touch with her about what you’re working on!

Contact Elise: elise@absiconnect.ca


Advisory Group

ABSI Connect is supported by a small advisory team (see our terms of reference and contact Naomi for more information or to explore volunteering in this capacity)

Network Weaver Community

Our network weaver community is a group of people whose professional and/or personal passions include connecting, supporting, or sharing stories about innovators and changemakers across the province. They are working on the ground to connect and celebrate changemakers within a specific sector, community, or issue space -- one where the jargon of social innovation may or may not resonate, but where changemakers are doing creative and collaborative work.

Network weavers:

  • Translate knowledge, insights, and expertise between the broader social innovation community and the sector or region the weaver works within;

  • Uncover and share examples of social innovation from within their communities or areas of expertise;

  • Participate in shared sense-making related to patterns, gaps, and opportunities for social innovation in Alberta;

  • Generate and solicit stories and insights for ABSI Connect's communication;

  • Share ABSI Connect's resources and updates with their own communities and networks.

Might you be a network weaver too? Reach out to us to learn more about this community and how you can participate.