Season 1: Episode 1 - The Edmonton Shift Lab

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In this pilot episode of Pause, Jodi Calahoo-Stonehouse, Ben Weinlick, and Ashley Dryburgh of the Edmonton Shift Lab sat down to reflect on the social innovation tools they bring to their work, the tensions they face, and the changes they’ve experienced.

The Edmonton Shift Lab is a diverse collective of Edmontonians working together to develop potential service, policy, system, and community action solutions that will reduce racism as it contributes to poverty. Why? Poverty is a real issue in Edmonton. 12% of Edmontonians do not have the means to assure stable housing, adequate nutritious food, or the conditions that foster health, safety and basic quality of life. And poverty and racism are inter-connected; racism makes it hard for people to find good jobs, housing, and services and to feel a sense of belonging.

The shift lab is an example of social innovation. The team is braiding together systems thinking, design thinking, and Cree perspectives to help Edmontonians understand and address these complex, intersecting problems in new ways.


Recording and production by Lisa Pruden of the
Edmonton Community Foundation. Music by the Fort McMurray youth of the SoundForce Collective.