ABSI (Alberta Social Innovation) Connect is a collective of organizations and individuals working to get better at solving complex social and environmental problems in our province. Learn more about our Partners and our History.


Our Collective Vision

A future in which Albertans are effectively addressing the root causes of complex social and environmental problems, resulting in healthier and more resilient communities.

What We Do

ABSI Connect seeks to connect, align, celebrate, strengthen, and learn from Albertan changemakers who are finding innovative ways to address the complex problems their communities face. 

How We Do it

  • Sharing stories and evidence from Albertan changemakers with our provincial and national network

  • Helping people grow in their ability to innovate and create impact

  • Building connections and alignment between changemakers

Our Initiatives

Sharing stories and evidence

Short term - beginning in early 2019

  • Partnering with storytellers to share stories and evidence from changemakers in our province.

  • Inviting Albertan changemakers to share evidence and stories on social media (#ABSI) and blogs.

  • Partnering with Social Innovation Canada to share our stories nationally.

  • Releasing a regular summary of stories, updates, evidence, and ideas from Albertan innovators.

Future possibilities

  • Creating a learning tour of social innovation in Alberta.

  • Hosting a provincial or regional ABSI Connect gathering or social innovation showcase.

Helping People Grow

Short term - beginning in early 2019

  • Identifying leaders working to address the root causes of the complex issues in their communities; connecting them with opportunities, people, and resources to support their change-making journey.

  • Where needed, cultivating communities of practice and hosting relevant conversations for changemakers.

  • Curating a list of resources for capacity building in social innovation and systems change.

Future possibilities

  • Partnering with relevant experts to provide capacity building opportunities requested by the ABSI Connect community.

Connecting and Aligning

Short term - beginning in early 2019

  • Experimenting with in-person and online gatherings to connect people and create space for important conversations.

  • Uncovering assets, needs, and opportunities for social innovation and systems change in Alberta. Working with leaders and network weavers who can connect, convene, and align people within specific sectors or communities.

  • Partnering with Social Innovation Canada to add Alberta’s innovators and capacity builders to a national map.

  • Connecting Albertan changemakers with relevant people, networks and events provincially and nationally.

Future possibilities

  • Catalyzing new social innovation initiatives.

  • Aligning those who desire a collective voice to speak to funders and policy makers about specific issues.