ABSI (Alberta Social Innovation) Connect is a collective of Alberta-based organizations and individuals who want to “do good better” and believe this requires working and learning together. See our current team and partners.


Our Purpose

To make social innovation visible, relevant, and accessible to Albertans who want to address their communities’ most pressing problems.

Guiding Principles

  • Think in systems

  • Connect as humans

  • Foster diversity 

  • Learn in community

  • Amplify local initiatives and expertise

What We Do

To make social innovation visible, relevant, and accessible, we:

  1. Connect - people to people, organizations to organizations, people to opportunities

  2. Share Stories & Evidence - from individual stories to broader patterns and trends

  3. Help People Grow - individually and collectively, in their capacity to innovate and create impact

Our Priorities for 2020

Spread the word!

Shine a light on existing stories, initiatives, resources, and events--with an emphasis on those created by or serving Albertans who are addressing “messy” problems.

  • Podcast and blog posts

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Social media

  • Key terms, definitions, resources, and experts highlighted on ABSI Connect’s website and SI Canada’s online platform

Helping People Grow

Create opportunities for people to learn, connect, and grow alongside others from different communities or issue spaces.

  • Webinars and online convening

  • Network Weaver Calls

  • Local/regional workshops and gatherings

  • National convening

  • Co-host, attend, and/or promote other meet-ups and events as relevant

Identify patterns, gaps, and opportunities

Uncover and share patterns, gaps, and opportunities related to the visibility, accessibility, and impact of social innovation in Alberta, to inform the actions this network takes.

  • Surface and share patterns, trends, gaps and needs through individual conversations, student projects at partner institutions, and an annual survey & report

  • Participate in the steering committee and as a partner to advance Alberta’s Social Innovation and Social Finance strategy

  • Work with a social innovation fellow (spring)  to explore how language and narratives influence the way social innovation happens and is talked about in different communities.