Heather Laird


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Heather is currently a Lead Wayfinder at the Canada School of Public Service in the Government of Canada, working to create great people exchange between GC humans and others. They previously worked as Chief of Strategic Partnership with the Treasury Board of Canada, Foresight Strategist at the Government of Alberta, and at the Ontario Nonprofit Network as Policy Lead, organizing with sector leaders to make policy and systems change to strengthen nonprofits. Heather has completed an Honours BA at McGill University and a Masters' Diploma in Social Innovation from the University of Waterloo. They play the ukelele poorly and with much love.

Heather is a Network Weaver because…

As a weaver I hope to learn about how others bridge worlds and weave them together for mutual benefit, in particular how to help separate roles from people's core identities, how to help people who are rules-oriented into principles-based work. 

As a systems entrepreneur whose work relies on excellent weaving, I am hoping to find others to pilot solutions I am working on, and offer to do the same for others who have practical projects underway.

Contact Heather to learn more about these groups and networks:

  • Volunteer Alberta

  • Social Innovation Canada

  • Government of Canada

  • Powered by Data

  • Edmonton’s River Valley Free School 

  • Ontario Nonprofit Network 

  • International Community Advocacy Network

Contact Heather via twitter or linkedin.