Babs started testing her parents’ patience as a toddler as soon as she was able to ask the question, “why?” It’s still her favourite word, because it opens up so many possibilities. Babs holds degrees in both archaeology (University of Calgary) and museum studies (University of Leicester). In the course of her adventures, she has done fieldwork in Jordan and Nicaragua; lived in an apartment converted from a hayloft once used by Land Army Girls on the estate where the richest Anglo Saxon burial ground was located; helped hundreds of children explore the Lethbridge river valley; taught senior citizens how to use iPads to explore historic photographs; and volunteered with many organizations like the Crowsnest Pass Adult Education Society, Girl Guides of Canada, Crowsnest Regional Library, Imagine Canada, Waypoints Family Crisis Society, the BrainSTEM Alliance and more. Her biggest goal is to get human beings interested in how they actively belong with each other and the planet – somehow that brought her into the world of social innovation. At FuseSocial, Babs works with governance structures, policy creation and operational support for agencies. If an agency needs help with creating a business plan, policies, brushing up their board members on how to be effective governors, or working on accreditation then Babs is the Rosalind Russell to your Cary Grant: in other words, she’s your girl Friday.