Full Report (2016)

It is time.

For 7 months, we placed social innovation in the middle of our desks. Now, it is our pleasure to share - from our desk to yours - what we heard, learned and see as opportunities for us to put our desks together to pursue some radically fruitful social change. 

We are pleased to share with you what we hope will be "The Future of Social Innovation" for Alberta. 

In this report, we share the richness of Albertan social innovation and the powerful and daunting patterns that shape us today. We also present pathways forward and invite us all to consider a common agenda to move forward together toward a stronger and more resilient social innovation ecosystem.  

It has been a great journey, exploring, discovering and navigating the complexities of social innovation in Alberta.

To all those who we were lucky to connect with, thank you for your time, your openness, and your honesty. To all who we have yet to have the honour to speak with, thank you as well for doing what you do.

We invite and welcome your feedback, comments and thoughts. 


Kate Letizia, Aleeya Velji, Lesley Cornelisse
The inaugural ABSI Connect Fellows

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We also published a short & sweet summary of our findings.