What WE DO

ABSI Connect seeks to bridge and amplify social, economic and ecological impact initiatives that are successfully challenging the status quo in Alberta, to transform the way we address our province's most complex challenges. 


  • Support and enhance the existing strengths of, and momentum around, social innovation in Alberta.
  • Amplify the voices of the unheard people, organizations and movements that are tackling complex challenges and might feel isolated from the social innovation ecosystem in Alberta.
  • Foster an enabling environment for a culture of innovation where Albertan impact initiatives have the capacity to ignite, test and implement innovative solutions together.
  • Position Alberta as a social impact leader in Canada and abroad.


  1. Working Deeper Together
  2. Making Room for Risk Taking and Experimentation
  3. Replacing Strategic Plans with Adaptive Processes
  4. Mastering Our Social Innovation ‘Craft’
  5. Funding the Problem
  6. Designing Policies that Talk Better Together



Finding and connecting the ‘bright spots’ within Alberta’s social innovation ecosystem to develop shared vision and ownership of a better future for Alberta.


Increasing social capital among diverse individuals and organizations to develop system-wide relationships for collective impact. 


Discovering and amplifying stories of success to expose "what works where, and why" towards systems change in Alberta.


Acting boldly, thinking critically and honouring reciprocity so as to influence the development of a cohesive, collaborative, and widespread network of social innovators in Alberta.

“When you disrupt something, it doesn’t mean they are ready for you”
— Al Etmanski, Co-Founder, Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN); Co-Founder, BC Partners for Social Impact