Opening: ABSI Connect is hiring a new facilitator!


WHERE? Alberta, with a preference for those in Calgary or Edmonton

SALARY? $2,455.75 semi-monthly

DEADLINE? Applications welcome until May 11, 2018

APPLY Link to application portal here*

*Please note: the posting defaults to “Main MRU Campus” as the Calgary location, but that the position could alternatively be based in Edmonton, office location pending.


Alberta Social Innovation (ABSI) Connect is a collaborative experiment crafted in response to cross-sector provincial interest in social innovation. Started in 2015, ABSI Connect strengthens, connects and accelerates social innovation in the province by addressing the question: “How can we do better at solving complex social and environmental problems in our province?” In pursuit of the answer, ABSI Connect seeks to bridge and amplify social, economic and ecological impact initiatives that are (a) successfully shifting the status quo in Alberta and (b) transforming how we develop solutions to our province’s most complex challenges.


The Facilitator will guide, lead, inspire, deepen and grow this Alberta-wide social innovation initiative in collaborative partnership with the emerging alliance of Albertan social impact organizations, businesses, and initiatives, as well as government, philanthropy, and academia. The Facilitator will steward ABSI Connect, emboldening it to:

  • Support and enhance the existing strengths of, and momentum around, social innovation in Alberta.

  • Amplify the voices of the people, organizations and movements that are tackling complex challenges and might feel isolated from the social innovation ecosystem in Alberta.

  • Foster an enabling environment for a culture of innovation where Albertan social impact initiatives have the capacity to ignite, test and implement innovative solutions together.

  • Position Alberta as a social impact leader in Canada and abroad.

This role includes stewarding a Fellows program, ongoing community engagement, as well as co-creating new programs and collaborative approaches, structures, resources and business models. The Facilitator will work closely with a team of advisors, made up of social innovators and changemakers from Calgary, Edmonton and across Alberta.  While the success of this position is tied to its ability to serve the social innovation community in the province, for HR, budgetary and finance matters, the Facilitator reports to (and works closely with) the Director of the Institute for Community Prosperity at MRU. 



  • Listen deeply and actively engage people working in the social innovation ecosystem, including ABSI Connect advisors and partners, discerning patterns and opportunities.

  • Design and lead capacity-building, learning opportunities and convenings that are integral to ABSI Connect’s vision and purpose;

  • Partner with and connect existing or in-development learning and training programs available throughout the province.


  • Create meaningful community connections, including with Indigenous communities within Treaties 6, 7 and 8, supporting new fellowship opportunities, and contributing to an innovation culture within Alberta.

  • Co-create and prototype new programs and approaches to serve the social innovation ecosystem in the province.

  • Identify and secure guest speakers, workshop leaders, and other resources relevant to the collective learning needs of the ABSI Connect network.

Management, Leadership and Mentorship

  • Recruit, mentor, and support future fellows, administrative staff and contract employees, as well as (potentially) interns, summer students, and student volunteers. 

  • Work with Institute for Community Prosperity personnel, as appropriate or required, on budgeting, invoicing, expense reimbursement, supplies requisition and maintenance, and other financial and administrative functions.

  • Design and oversee management systems to ensure smooth day-to-day operations of ABSI Connect, including fellowship contracts, invoicing, agreements, travel arrangements, conference calls and other processes.

  • Report on ABSI Connect metrics, outcomes, stories and overall impact to funders and other external stakeholders.

Community Engagement & Partnership Development

  • Develop and support an appropriate advisory model for ABSI Connect.

  • Advocate for and celebrate ABSI Connect, including through existing partner channels, as well as celebrate and draw attention to bright spots of social innovation in the province.

  • Communicate, through speaking and writing, and through web-based and social media channels, the role, function and impact of ABSI Connect at conferences, community events and in other venues around Alberta.

  • Animate ABSI Connect storytelling by Fellows and others through mentorship and editorial support for the ABSI Connect blog and other products, creating and upholding deadlines for regular reporting, pattern-finding and sharing, as well as creating space for and a culture of reflective practice.

  • Cultivate supportive partnerships, boundary-spanning relationships, and where appropriate reciprocal arrangements, with social innovators, social innovation networks, capacity builders and others.

  • Nurture emergent collaborations and new connections across sectors, regions, languages and perspective on social innovation in the province, strengthening a networked and open social innovation community.

  • Cultivate and maintain connections with local, national and international networks; for example, Social Innovation Network of Calgary (SINC), the Systemic Design Exchange based in Edmonton, the Community Knowledge Exchange and new Social Innovation Institute and network forming nationally, and the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) internationally.

  • Identify and pursue sponsorship and funding partnership opportunities for ABSI Connect.


  • An unstoppable, demonstrated passion for making a positive change in the world. 

  • Knowledge of Alberta – its context, communities and assets. 

  • Proven servant, strategic and systems leadership abilities that reflect an ability to work across communities, cultures and boundaries, as well as lead teams and inspire collaboration.  This includes superb listening skills, strategic foresight, sensing and identifying trends, opportunities and underlying patterns.

  • Relevant experience working within and across the nonprofit, public and/or private sectors, ideally within a networked or multi-organization setting. 

  • Demonstrated knowledge of social innovation theory, practice, concepts, tools and frameworks. 

  • Knowledge and experience in deliberative dialogue, action research, reflective practice, adaptive capacity building, social labs, peer-based learning and/or adult education are definite assets. 

  • Experience in human resources supervision, mentorship and/or volunteer management.

  • Facilitation and group process skills, and a commitment to inclusivity.

  • Strong communication skills as a champion of ABSI Connect, including accessible written and oral storytelling, and analysis and synthesis of learning and research.

  • Experience monitoring, measuring, tracking and reporting on impacts within a context of complexity.

  • Financial and budget management knowledge and experience.

  • Experience in marketing, fund development and/or government relations are assets.

  • A driver’s license and ability/availability to travel extensively throughout Alberta.


This position is generously supported by the Suncor Energy Foundation.

Applicants are welcome from anywhere in the province, with a preference for those in Calgary or Edmonton.

We are strongly committed to fostering diversity as a source of excellence, intellectual and cultural enrichment, and social strength. We encourage applications Indigenous Peoples, women, persons with disabilities and persons of any sexual or gender identity, ethnic, national or socio-economic background, religion or age.